Valentine Mini Album

Last year I made a scrapbook for my 17 year old grand-daughter for Valentine’s Day.  I left the pictures out so that she could put in some of her own.  She was really torn on whether to keep it or put in some pictures of her and her boyfriend and give it to him for Valentine’s Day.  In any event she decided that she couldn’t part with it and decided to keep it for herself and put pictures of their prom in it.  So this year, I decided to make a book that she could give to him and I left places in it for her to journal and personalize it.

I used one of Laura Denison’s Designs for the Sunburst Album .  I love her designs and this was a pretty easy one to put together.  Very little paper used and I had the book put together in less than 3 hours.  I used a We Memory Keepers paper stack from last year.  The paper stack made it easy, it had a lot of cute tags and things I could cut out.  I cut the heart tabs for the tags with my Cricut.   

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Explosion Boxes

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I thought about making Halloween Cards for my grandchildren and decided it would be fun to put together some Explosion Boxes. With the help of my Cricut, some utee and stickles, this it what I came up with these. Hope you enjoy!